3-Phase Floor-Standing Heaters

DANIA 15KW 3-phase floor standing heat load bank

When the Data Hall has no infrastructure in place at the time of testing (i.e. no customer racks), 3-phase floor-standing space heaters can be used to provide an electrical load test and a basic environmental test. 

We can provide a range of space heaters from 9kW to 15kW and 22kW plugged directly into the customer’s 3-phase power or our Temporary Power Distribution. 

If the power connection on-site is single-phase, you will need to use single-phase floor-standing heaters or low Delta-T emulators (depending on the contract’s stipulations).

ModelInelco Dania 15kwInelco Dania 22kw
Maximum Capacity – Packaged Load Bank15000 W / 25A22000 W / 32A
Voltage Ranges (Continuous Operation)400-430 VAC400-430 VAC
Wires1×5-Core 5G4 or 5G6 (4mm or 6mm) Power Cable 5m to 30m1×5-Core 5G4 or 5G6 (4mm or 6mm) Power Cable 5m to 30m
Number of Steps / Load Step Resolution2 / 7500(50%)-15000(100%) W2 / 7500(50%)-15000(100%) W
Voltage Tolerance (Short Term Operation)Nominal + / -5%Nominal + / -5%
Load Element ToleranceNominal + / -10%Nominal + / -10%
ElementsStainless SteelStainless Steel
Insulation Grade
Auxiliary Supply TypeTemporary / TestTemporary / Test
Auxiliary Supply Voltage Range400-430V / 3ph/ 50Hz400-430V / 3ph/ 50Hz
Auxiliary Rating32A32A
Auxiliary Connection Type32A TPN+E Commando Type Male Bulkhead32A TPN+E Commando Type Male Bulkhead
Control Rotary Switches
Fan Only, 50% & 100%
Rotary Switches
Fan Only, 50% & 100%
Protection Over temperature protection thermostatOver temperature protection thermostat
Load Connections32A TPN+E Commando Type32A TPN+E Commando Type
Cooling MethodTangential Fan – Forced Air ConvectionTangential Fan – Forced Air Convection
Exhaust Air Temperature (Approx.) Delta-TAmbient + 20°C-40°CAmbient + 15°C-30°C
Air Flow (Approx.)360 L/S660 L/S
Emergency Thermal Cutout 126°C126°C
Load Switching TypeResistiveResistive
Load Switching Contractor TypeN/A- Circuit Protection RemoteN/A- Circuit Protection Remote
Rated Maximum Ambient Temperature OperationNominal 40°C +/-10%Nominal 40°C +/-10%
Rated Minimum Ambient Temperature OperationNominal -10°CNominal -10°C
Rated Maximum Ambient Humidity95% RH – Non Condensing 95% RH – Non Condensing
Altitude RatingLess than 2500 m Above Sea LevelLess than 2500 m Above Sea Level
EnclosureZinc-Coated steel with Powder coatedZinc-Coated steel with Powder coated
Minimum Inlet Clearance750mm750mm
Minimum Outlet Clearance750mm750mm
IP RatingIP44IP44
Lifting & Movement 1 Person Lift1 Person Lift
Physical Dimensions15kW22kW
Total Weight16.03KG27.34KG