Power Conversion Options

In an ideal world, the perfect test is connecting the heat load equipment directly to the final power distribution, but this is only sometimes the case. We offer an extensive range of power adapters, splitters and distribution to connect our heat load solutions to virtually any power connection.

3-Phase Splitter

3-Phase Splitter

32amp 3-Phase 5-Pin Commando to three, 32Amp single phase 3-pin sockets, with a 2.5m 3-phase lead.

Single Phase Distribution Box

Single Phase Distribution Box

32amp Single Phase 3-Pin Commando to three, single phase C19 sockets, with 25cm leads.

3-Phase Extension Leads

Photo of 3-Phase Extension Leads

32amp 5-Pin 3-Phase extension 2.5, 5 and 10m extension leads.

Single Phase Extension Leads

Photo of single-phase extension leads

32amp 3-Pin Single Phase extension 5 and 10m extension leads.

HeatLoad has standardised the power connection for all single phase heaters and server emulators with a single C20 16Amp plug. Adapter cables are available to connect to customer distribution:

Singe Phase 16Amp Commando to C19

Photo of a plug

C14 to C19

Photo of a connector

UK 3-Pin to C19

A photo of a plug

C19 to 16Amp CommandoC19 to C14C19 to UK 3-Pin
2kW Floor Standing
3kW Floor Standing
2kW (60l/sec MK2) Rack Mounted
2kW (120l/sec MK3) Rack Mounted
3.5kW (241l/sec MK4) Rack Mounted