Data Centre Load Banks & Rack Mounted Server Emulators

If you have racks installed, HeatLoad can provide three options for single phase rack mounted server emulators that range from a simple load server emulator to a high density server emulator.

To ensure reliability of a new data centre, it’s vital to extensively test the infrastructure before the installation of any IT hardware. This means that it’s important to represent the layout and characteristics of the IT equipment as closely as possible (airflow and rejected heat).

The operation of the data centre must be tested at various load profiles, up to 100% of design load.

If racks are installed, HeatLoad has three options available for single phase rack mounted server emulators; ranging from simple load, server emulator to high density server emulator.

Units are installed at the front of an IT rack and connected to the customer power strip(s). This ensures the power supply is fully load tested down to the power strip outlet.

Units can be supplied on a rental only or a fully managed service which involves HeatLoad installing and managing the load banks for the duration of the testing. HeadLoad will also de-install the load bank at the end of the test.

Additional or bespoke power cables can be supplied to increase the overall length. ‘Open’ power cables can be supplied to allow direct connection to site distribution or PDUs.

  • Photo of a data centre rack mounted load bank
MK2MK3 2kwMK4 3.5kw
Input230-240v 50Hz230-240v 50Hz230-240v 50/60Hz
Power Lead1.5m2m2m
Heater Power (kw)1, 2kw1, 2kw1.8, 2.7 & 3.5kw
Air Volume (litre/sec)68.04120241
Supply Air Thermostat Cut-Out42°C42°C85°C
∆t / temperature differential at 15cm from rear of unit2m/sec16°C6 to 16°C
(EIA 210C 3u high & width to fit EIA 310C 19” Rack)(EIA 210C 3u high & width to fit EIA 310C 19” Rack)(EIA 210C 3u high & width to fit EIA 310C 19” Rack)