Photo of a data centre rack mounted load bank

Some people may wonder why there is a focus on hiring heat load and server emulators, as opposed to simply buying them. Although there may be the rare occasion when purchasing these products makes better business sense than buying them (ie. where units will spend many weeks in transit, making rental charges prohibitive), in the vast majority of instances, hiring them is a considerably more cost-effective option.

If you’re not convinced, here are 8 reasons why hiring heat load or service emulators is better for your business.

  • Before every rental products are cleaned, repaired if necessary and Portable Appliance Test (PAT) tests are carried out on every unit, power cable and adapter.
  • By hiring from a company such as HeatLoad, you can choose from well-maintained, regularly updated rental stock.
  • Every data centre test is different and therefore requires different equipment. A professional heat load and service emulator hire company will often hold more than 16 megawatts of heat load and server emulators of different types. This means that they can supply the exact type and quantity required by the customer.
  • Stock is updated to reflect best practice as it emerges.
  • On site storage in data centres is often at a premium; a professional hire business may have over 6000sq/feet of warehousing and workshops.
  • Purchased units come with 1-year return to base warranty. Rental heat load or service emulator units will be replaced whatever their age or regardless of the reason for needing to be replaced.
  • Each data centre test requires different power connections. Rental business will often stock most connections and adapters, and if they don’t, will manufacture the required item and add it to the rental stock.
  • Environmental responsibility. Businesses like HeatLoad recycle their stock and use equipment on multiple jobs.
  • Datacentre cleanliness. Rental stock is cleaned before every hire and packed in non-fibrous packaging to prevent contamination of a data centre.

If you’re currently looking to hire heat load or service emulators for your data centre, why not contact HeatLoad and request a quote?